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15 Moo.1, Chaopha Rd.,T.Chalong, Muang, Phuket 83000

For more information call :
(66) 76 374313
  Price for training :

1 time 500 THB
1 WEEK 3,000 THB
1 MONTH 9,000 THB

The training is 2 times a day , 6 days a week .
Info : Always bring cash out with you when you come over to us. Because you get bank exchange rate

Muay Thai Boxing was developed by Thai soldiers many centuries ago as a lethal form of close combat fighting. The use of Knees, elbows, kicks, punches and even head butts were all used as weapons of Muaythai.

In the early 19th Century Thailand was no longer at war with its neighbors (Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam ) so the Thai soldiers started to practice muaythai for competition amongst themselves.

In the 1980's a martial arts tournament was held to see what was the most effective form of martial arts. Every style was invited... Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling. etc... The Muaythai Fighters won their fights in the first round with devastating knock outs.The officials were shocked at the violent & lethal style of fighting and branded Muaythai as barbaric and unsporting. It was a decade before Muaythai fighters were again invited to compete in such a tournament.

Little was known about the style of Muaythai boxing until Jean Claude Van dame made the movie "Kick Boxer". His unusual style of fighting left a lasting impression on many young martial arts enthusiasts & the sport of Muay Thai has since been growing rapidly in popularity.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a important Martial art sport . Because many fighters of MMA ( Mix Martial arts sport) use muay thai techniques . However many people train muay thai for their health , they train to improve fitness or loes weight . It is good for lose weight becuase training muay thai is fun to exercise or sport . If you love your health, you can try to train muay thai .

The muay thai news and information from Thailand :
   2012-07-29 : Black Lion (SingDum)aim to high score
   Singdum (Black Lion) Kiatmoo9 will take a giant step forward in becoming a top contender for this year's Muay Thai Fighter of the Year when he steps into the Lumpinee stadium for a big fight on Tuesday. Singdum takes on in-form Nong-O Kaiyanghadao in a much-anticipated battle of the bantamweights
   2012-07-15 :UK entrepreneur Hearn latches onto Muay Thai
   British sports event entrepreneur Barry Hearn flew into Bangkok last weekend and clinched a deal with BEC Tero director Brian Marcar to stage seven Muay Thai world titles at the Battle for the Belts II to be staged in London in October. The event will be televised live in Europe and Thailand. Hearn has pioneered world snooker championships and professional darts events as well as the Prize Fighter Boxing Series and he now views Muay Thai as the next big wave for combat fighting. While in Bangkok, Hearn said he had been impressed with the elite quality and professionalism of both Thai and foreign fighters who won the inaugural Battle for the Belts event held last month at Muang Thong Thani's Impact Arena.
   2012-07-08 : Kaimukkaow looking dangerous
   Silky smooth warrior Kaimukkaow Watcharachaigym claimed a clean sweep of titles in the super-flyweight division winning both the Rajadamnern and WBC Muay Thai world championship on Thursday. The crowd that thronged into the Raja arena to see Kaimukkaow outclass aggressive challenger Eaklith Mor Krungthepthonburi left well satisfied that Thailand has another top gun ready for the world stage.
   2012-07-05 : Buakaw out of retirement ,
   Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Por Pramuk announced his comeback yesterday following an out-of-court settlement with his former handlers. Buakaw, who retired in May after a financial dispute with Por Pramuk camp, said he planned to make a return to the ring in a Thai Fight event in England on Aug 17.

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Muay Thai information in Thailand : muay thai stadium and muay thai training in thailand by MuayThai worlds
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The last comment @ Muay Thai Worlds : :
     Muay Thai is a fight sport from the Muay contentious system of Thailand
     This Muay Thai arranging undertaking is for Muay Thai rivalry competition
     Muay Thai is a fight sport from the Muay confrontational procedure of Thailand that uses stand-up hitting nearby distinctive securing strategies
     Muay Thai is established initially in Thailand
     Muay Thai camps are generally in common

The last news of muay thai :

   Most of the time, we face some not-so-expected behaviours and reactions in a Muay Thai camp. It makes us feel embarrassed. That's because most people don't have the knowledge about common etiquettes those need to be followed at the gym. Read More at Top Five Etiquettes to follow as a Muay Thai fighter .
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  The word Muay has been derived from the Sanskrit word Mavya implying bind together. The cultural martial art of Thailand is Muay Thai. Also, Muay Thai is referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs. The most interesting fact is that the King of Thailand is an avid fan of Muay Thai. Muay Thai was developed several hundreds of years ago in the form of close-combat that utilizes the body in the form of a weapon. Read More at True facts about Muay Thai .
  The Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is your way to travel, gain good health and save money at the same time. When you choose this option, money concerns will not hold you back from travelling to Thailand. All you need to do is choose a Muay Thai gym which is in your budget and enroll for a training camp. Read More at Save Money and travel with sport .

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