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Name: Hocine
Position: Trainer/Fighter
Country: England
Info: Lost 10kg in two months in 2005! Ex-England Fighter (12 fights UNDEFEATED). Had to stop for lack of support, but Thailand gave him the encouragement to start again at age 31! Amazing fighter, training is going very well, Look out for news to come...
LATEST: Hocine has his first Thai fight on 18.02.05 at Phuket Stadium. Im sure he will do just fine! Call +6616930883 for more details.


19.02.05...Congratulations to Hocine for winning his first fight in Thailand! It went up to an exhausting 5 rounds until it had to be stopped, due to the injuries Hocine had caused on his opponent. The opponents Nose was broken and he took a severe beating from Hocine. Hocine said "I could have knocked him out, but i thought it was better to stop the fight, for his sake". WOW!! Hocine says "when i was watching the fight on camera, i think i could have improved and, it shows i need a lot more training. It was a great experience, but im sure i will be hurting in the morning".

Zidane was so excited by his win and determination to improve his tecnique he immediately wanted to get back in the ring, so Zidane had another fight in Kosamui!

Zidane won this fight with more skill and with a much harder challenge.

Some might say it is not good to over do it, but if you had as much determination as zidane did, this would not be a problem.
Is it up to the individual at the end of the day to go at their own pace because that is how you can learn the best.
To Keep up to date on fighting events and for more info contact:

For more enquiries in England call 07957 724 751
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