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15 Moo.1, Chaopha Rd.,T.Chalong, Muang, Phuket 83000

For more information call :
(66) 76 374313
  Price for training :

1 time 500 THB
1 WEEK 3,000 THB
1 MONTH 9,000 THB

Info : Always bring cash out with you when you come over to us. Because you get bank exchange rate

Muay Thai Boxing was developed by Thai soldiers many centuries ago as a lethal form of close combat fighting. The use of Knees, elbows, kicks, punches and even head butts were all used as weapons of Muaythai.

In the early 19th Century Thailand was no longer at war with its neighbors (Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam ) so the Thai soldiers started to practice muaythai for competition amongst themselves.

In the 1980's a martial arts tournament was held to see what was the most effective form of martial arts. Every style was invited... Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling. etc... The Muaythai Fighters won their fights in the first round with devastating knock outs.The officials were shocked at the violent & lethal style of fighting and branded Muaythai as barbaric and unsporting. It was a decade before Muaythai fighters were again invited to compete in such a tournament.

Little was known about the style of Muaythai boxing until Jean Claude Van dame made the movie "Kick Boxer". His unusual style of fighting left a lasting impression on many young martial arts enthusiasts & the sport of Muay Thai has since been growing rapidly in popularity.

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