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"Nattapon" training muay thai to fight @ 2012-11-06

Mr. Boo Muangpetch order Nattapon Kiattiiarworn, a championship heavyweight 130 pounds who show a good form on Aomnoi muay thai stadium , Thailand and the latest fight, prepare himself to fight. Mr. Boo will order Nattapon to fight incessantly and support him in a muay thai. Now Mr. Boo look for a good rival to fight in the next match.
A promoter of Petchsupapan war at lumpini and muay thai war on Aomnoi, Mr. Boo Muangpetch reveals after his muay thai fighter, Nattapon Kiattiiarworn have a good form and win Naka Keawsamrit in the muay thai war on 20 Saturday 2012 at Aomnoi muay thai ring. He said he look for a good rival to fight in the next match for Nattapon because he believes strike while the iron is hot. In the past, Nattapon have a good form and win all match, especially in the last match make muay thai fans impressive. Mr. Boo said to Nattapon and father to training for the next match because he has a good form so Mr. Boo will order him to fight incessantly. May be he can fight in the big match soon.
"I'm looking the right pair for Nattapol and the next appointment because his form is good. In many fight, Nattapol's form is impress me, muay thai fans and stuff. When he has a good form, we gave the opportunity to contribute him to be the top muay thai fighter" Mr. Bu confirmed.
The Petsupapan is the good muay thai program at Lumpinee muay thai stadium in Thailand , because they have many good Thai boxers from good muay thai training camp .
Nattapon is train muay thai in Thailand . He is training in every day to wait the next fight because he is champion of muay thai .
Mr. Boo control Nattapon to train in every days . Because he want him to have the correct muay thai training .
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