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"Teacher Surat said aggressively that don't watch the boxing for only 1 side" @ 2012-11-24

Teacher Surat Senglao said aggressively that don't watch the muay thai for only 1 side by looking at only the price to make the big decision to the channel 9 of Thailand without looking at the regulation. Moreover, in the case of the couple muay thai fighter of Morakot Khimsaimai and Deawtaksin Sakyangdang , this couple muay thai fighter had the decision with the standard regulation. Then, he will confirmed that our channel 9 never locked the winner. Besides, for the competition of Muay thai in the current day , there will be the gaining for amounts of money to have the big role , especially for the advantages of the price to be the persuading way of the referees as if it will be the certain decision of them. In addition to, sometimes , there are other people beyond this ways who feel confused about the results of this decision , especially for the reporters who lose the way by looking at the regulation without notice the investment of money. On the other hand, someone were slapped their faces and heard the answer that if they don't want to be the winner, they might invest their money a lot" However, recently our channel 9  had the fight  of Suek Adsawindam between Morakot Khomsaimai muay thai training camp or Phetseemuen and Deawtaksin Sakyangdang which were fought in the similar ways. As the result, Morakotdam was the winner and he had more disadvantages on the fourth round. Unfortunately, the referees had   agreed to let him to be the winner which made some muay thai fanclub disagreed with this decision. On the other hand, teacher Surat Sanglao had come to reveal that "I had seen that Morakot had more advantages than his couple muay thai fighter obviously , especially for his fourth round. Thus, he emphasized that here never lock the winner and our executives don't look at the large     amount of money. However, we focus on the purity , fairness , honesty and     goodness , so if I know that who will make money about the circle of boxing , I won't accept his action. Besides, the evil people should have their bad health because of their actions. Then, we shouldn't look at the boxing in 1 side"


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