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Sueabin like tournament muay thai @ 2012-11-29

Sueabin Kiattichai like a tournament muay thai and think he will be a dark horse championship 2 times. Now a staff confident he will enter the last fight because he has willingness.


An interoperability two staff from Kiattichai muay thai gym, Monkol Kreukeaw and Nil Donmueng are open their mind to a reporter after Sueabin (Detsakda, Jangpetch) Kiatjareunchai win Wisanleg Ctrandiscovery in a open fight of tournament 1 in Muay Thai program on 10 November 2012 at Aomnoi muay thai stadium , Thailand . They reveals that since Sueabin join a Kiatjareunchai muay thai camp , he have willingness and assiduous to be a tournament championship. This tournament is the famous muay thai program in Thailand .


Sueabin is a good boxing for muay thai fans keep an eye on him because he likes a tournament muay thai since Detsagda Pongsak fight on the tournament boxing every Monday at Aomnoi stadium. In the same period that Mr.Bu Muengpetch gets a permission to show on ASTV broadcast channels, Sueabin is a championship. Although this muay thai tournament have many muay thai camps in Thailand


"He has willingness and like a tournament muay thai , and used to be a tournament championship at Aomnoi on ASTV broadcast channels every Monday in a name Detsagda Pongsakkanchang. I think he can enter to the last fight in this tournament and may be a champion." Nil Donmueng saids. Another reason the Kiattichai muay thai gym is one of good muay thai camps in Thailand .

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