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"Yang" relieved from tiredness and get with his hope @ 2012-12-02

Sia Yang relieved from his tiredness after knowing his certain couple boxers in Suek Khunseuk Takulyang on this 30th November A.D. 2012. Then, he will work properly and want everything to be the best. Moreover, for this match , he get with his hope while Mu Saphanmai had accepted that for this match , there will have the current news of making money for 8 couple muay thai boxers for sure.Then, if the muay thai fanclub like each muay thai boxer , they can choose for easily. They are come from many muay thai camps in Thailand .

Moreover, the muay thai camps Thailand is good for him and there will have the fight of Suek Khunsuek Takulyang for celebrating of 7th Anniversary of Lumphinee muay thai stadium for Sia Yang or Surapon Naratreekul of this 30th November A.D. 2012 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium. Besides, there will have the good selected boxers ;namely , Seksan A. Khanmueng fighting with Singthongnoi Ph. Telakul , the second couple boxer or Phakorn anumrianpheethong fighting by bargaining weight for Kongsiam T. Phitakchai with 3 pounds (131 - 134 pounds) , other couple boxers or Phettawee S. Kittichai muay thai camp fighting with Yodthongthai Ph. Telakul , Rungrat Naratreekul muay thai training camp fighting with Yokwittaya Phetsimien , Denkeeree S. Sommai fighting with Yodthuanthong Phetyindee Academy , Lamnammoon Sakchaichot fighting with Lamnamphong Numyeentawanna , Chartchai Kertyongyut fighting with Yodmongkul Muengsima , Newwangchan Pakornpornsurin fighting with Khunseuklek A. Khanmueng , Daradate Naratreekul fighting with Deawden Luakmuengphet and Phor A. Wanghin fighting with Takhak Sakhoamsin.  So it is the good muay thai program from good muay thai training camps in Thailand . It may be the great muay thai program of the year .

Recently, Sia Yang revealed to the working of his final preparing that  for this time, I relieve from tiredness and seriousness after there will be the adjustments of the wrong couple boxers for several times. Moreover,  for this time, everything is in the perfect condition and then  he will work properly and hope everything will be the best. Besides, for this match , every couple boxers are as his mind and for the currents of news , it shouldn't be serious because Mu Saphanmai or the King of 8 Rates can open the chance for the muay thai fanclub to choose their beloved boxers easily. Because muay thai training Thailand make him have the good muay thai program in Lumpinee muay thai stadium .

Sia Yang revealed that "Recently, I had been so serious because I wanted my work for this  match to be the best. Moreover, before clearing every couple boxer to be in the perfect way, it should be the adjustments for several times. However, now everything is in the perfect condition. Then, I would like to thank for every boxers to help in everything which make me relieve from tiredness and seriousness. As for the currents of news, it is in the good way ; especially there will be Mu Saphanmai to open the rate for this match of 8 couple boxer. Thus, if the muay thai fanclub are fond of each couple , they can choose for easily.

Sia Yang is a muay thai promoter in Thailand . Many muay thai camps are like him and want to fight for him.

Seksan and Singthongnoi are same style of muay thai . They try to attack with many weapon of muay thai . Muay thai fanclub in Thailand love them .

Today the muay thai anumrianpheethong camp have only Phakorn to train . But Phakorn is the big champion of muay thai .

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