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"Angel Twin" announce their power to fight @ 2012-12-09

"Angel Twin" Kengkad and Kengkla S.Chockchaikit muay thai training camp have good body and win together. In Punmoanmoung war on 7 November, they announce their power for show muay thai fans before get a 115 pounds Championship belt.

A fight of "Angel Twin" Kengkad and Kengkla S.Chockchaikit In Punmoanmoung war is notable. Kengkad will fight with Meoungthai S.bunyeam while Kengkla meet Ponkrit C.Chuenkamon. They are good muay thai camps in Thailand . "Angel Twin" training their body for fight after they win together in the last fight. They have encouragement to win in a fight on 27 November and will get a 115 pounds Championship of Thailand for their camp. "Our body is perfect to fight because we have a good training, win in the last fight and will fight together on 27 November again. We are ready to win together in this fight again for get a Championship belt." Kengkla Said.


An open round is a match of Kengkla S.Chokkitchai muay thai training camp with Ponkrit C.Chunkamon and the second round is Meoungthai S.Bunyeam fight Kengkad S.Chokkitchai, Eddam Tedet fight Sinkdam (W.Rungniran) Sakrangsit, Suayjam Pumpanmuang meet Chalongsug Kiatjareunchai, Saknarongnoi Petchrotong beat Jongrong Fonjangchonbury, Amnoidet W.wantawee fight Kunponleg S.J.Hlayprajeen, Petchrung Chornong meet Kampengpetch Sibsang, Extra Pornwarin meet Denwarin S.bunkrong and the last fight is Panmonkon Petchputong fight Daolukkai Bripatbury.

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