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"Singthong" can make the dream come true @ 2012-12-17

Singthongnoi Ph. Telakul muay thai training camp in Thailand revealed that he is so glad that he has a chance to revenge Kongsak Sitbunmee again by participating for this game on the birthday anniversary of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium on this 24th December A.D.2012 and he had confirmed that for this time , he should revenge Kongsak by prepare himself well at the muay thai camp on this saturday.

Moreover, Singthongnoi Ph. Telakul or the good habit muay thai boxer of Korat are now 30 years old. However,  he can show the excellent form by defeating his junior muay thai boxer or Seksan A. Khwanmueng muay thai training camp to be the loser with gaining money for more 2 million baht.

Besides, from the revealing of Singthongnoi to the reporters in the evening of last Thursday , he said that he had come to visit his family and watched for the nearly finished of the new muay thai camp at his hometown. Moreover, in this Friday of 7th December A.D. 2012 , he will come to encourage Sangmanee S. Thianpho at Lumphinee muay thai stadium to fight for the next round.In addition to, Singthongnoi Ph. Telakul revealed that his promoter had informed him that he will fight in the birthday anniversary of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium on this 24th December A.D. 2012 by fighting with Kongsak Sitbunmee after he had been defeated him for 2 times. However, for this time, he has more advantage than Kongsak for his weight with 129  : 128 pound.

As the result, he revealed additionally  after gaining the benefits from the latest fight for 200,000 baht that “I am so glad to have a chance for participating in the birthday of Rachadamnern muay thai stadium and getting revenge for Kongsak as my dream. Besides, for my losing in that time , I had accepted that    I lost the good chance , but now I won’t be miss again. Moreover, on this Saturday , I will begin to train myself , but I would like everyone to encourage me as well”


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