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Pun Muay Thai journey go to Khon Kaen @ 2012-12-31

Chun Kiattipetch is ready to encourage northeast staffs who arrange "Pun Muay Thai journey" on 15 December at Khon Kaen Municipal Grand Stadium. We set a big match which combine the boxers form Pun Muay Thai Tournament include champion, second best and others. A big match from last year, Semapetch S.chaowalit fights Pralong P.Brirak.


"Pun Muay Thai journey" is A big great boxing in Khon Kaen organized by Pun Muay Thai Tournament staffs have a good time to open. They ready to create a great boxing legend at Khon Kaen Municipal Grand Stadium in Thailand on Saturday 15 December 2012. The first match is Semapetch S.chaowalit muay thai camp with Pralong P.Brirak. Then, Sangkeng Kelasport meets Muengneung Pumpanmuang muay thai training camp , the third champion, Pichitchai Korat sport school beat Detrit S.Penprapa, Superjeng S.Yingjarenkarnchang fight Rittichai K.Sakulcheua, Sibsand S.Sandkeaw meet Sornchai S.Yingjarenkarnchang. This is five big matches on Punsue Muay Thai journey on Khon Kaen. A staff confirms this war can get the focused from East muay thai fans filled and they will buy all seat at the stadium .

"I and Kiattipetch's East staff will join a special program to open Punsue boxing journey on Saturday 15 December 2012. Now this is a big boxing match can get the attention of muay thai fans all around the East. Each boxing match is come from Punsue boxing tournament on channel 7 also championship and the second. They are ready to entertain East muay thai fans as good as see from channel 7 live." Mr.Chun said .


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