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"Noom Shi Waz" ready to fight @ 2013-02-12

"Noom Shi Waz", Wangjandnoi S.Talangchai muay thai trainng camp reveals his life is happy. He move to work at Maha Sarakham with and admit that he still love muay thai . Now, he training for fight with Jarerntong Kiatibanchong muay thai camp on 1 February at Kamphaeng Phet and warn new boxers should save their money for the end of life.

25 years ago, the reputation of Wangjandnoi S.Talangchai muay thai training camp is well-know in Thailand. He is a performing fee high boxer of Wan Song Chai War and in B.E. 2536 he creates a record by be a great boxer of Sports Journalists Association. When he stops fighting, he becomes a butcher in his hometown wife at Amphoe Kosum Phisai, Maha Sarakham. Recently, his name is in the news headline that he will come back to fight Jarerntong Kiatibanchong on Wan Song Chai War at 1 February at Amphoe Pran Kra Tai, Kamphaeng Phet.

Then, a reporter investigate the news so Wangjandnoi admit this news is a true and announce that he come back to training again. "Although I am forty-six years old but I am always take care myself. I want to make muay thai circle colorful and I am still love muay thai because my reputation come from boxing. I follow boxing news always and want to warn new boxers should save their money for the end of life because money is very important. Everyone should save money for a happy life."

Mr.Tang set excited fight

Mr.Tang from Petchyindee Gym reveals about fight list in Petchpiya War on Tuesday 22 January that all fight programs is good, active fighting and favorite fight for muay thai fans such as Choknamchai meet Kangwanlek in the first round. This fight will interest and excited everyone so muay thai fans should follow them on Tuesday. 

Mr.Tang, Piyarad Washirattanawong, a Petchpiya gym promoter send a message to muay thai fans about Muay Petchpiya War on Tuesday 22 January that all fight are selected carefully from many muay thai camps and many couples have fought before such as Choknamchai meet Kangwanlek, Samdde with Wanchai, Gumantong with Jele. Muay thai fans in Thailand like their fight so we rematch again. I confirm this fight will entertain and pleased muay thai fans.

 "Many  muay thai couples have fought before and their fight also pleasing muay thai fans so we are rematch them again. Other fighting is interest because we are selected carefully and confirm all fight is fun for muay thai fans." Mr. Tang said.

Today Petchyindee Gym have just a few muay thai boxers . So Mr.Tang want the boxers from other camps for his muay thai program .

Choknamchai is one of good muay thai fighters . Because his muay thai camp have many professional trainers to teach the boxer from the muay thai training videos . So Choknamchai is happy to train muay thai in his camp .

Choknamchai have the good kicking and punching . From the training videos of his camp you will see how to kick as same as him , however it is difficlut to good in the short time .

Todays have a bad muay thai news in Thailand about Choknamchai . Many people said to the newspaper that Choknamchai may be retire his fighting , then he may be have the problem about his training .

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