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A Lieutenant Ran guarantee . @ 2013-06-16

Lieutenant Ran, Police Sub-Lieutenant Niran Yodsapon is not forgetting to thank you Mr.Chun Kiattipetch about a chance of Fahsiam and Chujarern Dabrabsarakam fight on Boxing Road Show for muay thai fans around Thailand. He confirms if they are not ready, he will not let their fight.

Boxers in his muay thai gym are emulate to show their form and have a chance to fight in downtown continuously that make Lieutenant Ran, Police Sub-Lieutenant Niran Yodsapon very happy. On 2nd July, two boxers who have a live fight are Fahsiam Dabransarakam muay thai gym beat Petchdamneoun T.Tepsutin muay thai training camp on a second fight on Muay Thai War Road Show. The other fight is Chujarern Dabransarakam meet Lukton Pornwarin are a first fight of LumPiNi TNG War. Lieutenant Ran confirms their preparedness and thank you Mr.Chun Kiattipetch .

"They are ready to fight. Althoug they are a stand-in boxer of Chujarern that have a fight at PHRATHAT NADUN, Fahsiam are training very hard so he is ready to fight. I am thank you Mr.Chun Kiattipetch about give a chance for them to show their form in Road Show around Thailand. I am guarantee they will not disappoint everyone."

Because Fahsiam and Chujarern Dabrabsarakam always show his strong . Then don't worry about their fight because Chun Kiattipetch like the boxers who have the good muay training and strong .

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