TheStar ChingSimEiw muay thai camp is hot in Thailand by
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TheStar ChingSimEiw muay thai camp is hot in Thailand . @ 2013-07-14

A hot-tempered boxer, TheStar  ChingSimEiw muay thai camp show his good form by do not stop punching with everyone to entertain muay thai fans. He has a big fight with Yodsiam C.Chokamnouw  muay thai training camp in last Sunday. He can win YodSiam who have more experience because TheStar  use his strong and his knee to win a point and impress muay thai fans on 7 color channel in Thailand .

After the fight finish, TheStar  reveals to Suwit muay thai reporter that "I want to know Muay thai fans in Thailand think can I compete for the championship with Dounpae? If they think I cannot, I am ready to show my striking form in the next fight. If they think I can, I will ready to compete for the championship. I see Dounpae and Sarawut become 7 colors champion so I want to be a champion too." TheStar  said .

Pri support Song to wish a quota, he accept whether how much they give

BigSong - Songchai Rattanasuban confirm that the battle is depend on the boards of Radchadamneon muay thai stadium. They can decide when, where and how many fight. He will not request anything and ready to work on the stadium. While Pri Panyalak the muay thai stadium management willing to work with Wansongchai . He will help everything he can do. After Pri Panyalak, a manager of Radchadamneon stadium is suspended from job, Wansongchai  on the last meeting of the boards and promoter of Radchadamneon thai boxing stadium. This makes an uneasy feeling to boxing circle and muay thai fans in Thailand . Then, Songchai Rattanasuban clear the problem with Pri Panyalak, a manager of Radchadamneon stadium on 26 June at Radchadamneon meeting room by the cooperation of Sommai Sakulmetta, a manager of Sommai muay thai camp and others. Problems and doubts in boxing ring is ending happily among the pleasure of the boxing circles who want this problem end.

Female crowd fancy Songchai in the front stadium

After the problem and doubts with Pri Panyalak, a manager of Radchadamneon already clear, Songchai walk to greet with the merchants in the front of Radchadamneon muay thai stadium friendly. When they see Songchai come back to Radchadamneon again, they leave the store and talk to Songchai by friendly face and congratulate that Songchai come back to held the battle in Radchadamneon again. Every muay thai camps in Thailand are happy too . They use to sad because the rumors that Songchai not held a battle in Radchadamneon anymore.

Songchai is good muay thai promoter. ChingSimEiw muay thai camp  want to send his boxers to fight for Songchai .

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