Yokwittaya is very good muay thai training in the weight fight in Thailand for next match by MuayThaiWorlds.com
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Yokwittaya is very good muay thai training in the weight fight in Thailand for next match  . @ 2013-07-21

Wittaya Petchmuensri, a big camp of Petchsrimeun admit that Petchmorakot W.sangprapai win continuously, but do not forget that this time is the favorite weight of Yokwittaya Petchsrimeun, a boxer in Wittaya's gym.

Wittaya Petchmuensri, a big muay thai training camp of Petchsrimeun tell Muay Siam reporters after Mr.bu Meoungpetch send Yokwittaya Petchsimeun Camp who win Densiri S.sommai muay thai training to fight with Petchmorakot W.sangprapai who win Pokeaw Fonjang Chon bury in the latest battle. Yokwittaya will fight with Petchsrimuen in Petchsupaparn muay thai war on 25 July at Lumpini in the weight 127 pounds and confirmed by Suwit muay thai . Petchmorakot W.sangprapai wins many battles but he is going to fight in the best battle weight of Yokwittaya Petchsimeun in this fight. "Petchmorakot never fight in this weight because he fights in the weight 122-124 pounds. His latest fight is 124 pounds. But his body and his training is very good so he fight in the weight 127 pounds. Petchmorakot is a very tall boxer and have a strong body. He is not unfavorable to anyone. We want to remind everyone do not overlook him because this fight is the best weight of Yokwittaya is 127 pounds" A big camp said.


Reveal the reason why Songchai comeback    

A promoter of Sommai War said about the reason why he take Songchai come back home this time because he want Radchadamneon boxing ring be active and muay thai fans can see Wansongchai  muay thai war again. No other reason. "I decided to volunteer as a glue, because I am young and want to see the adult who lost the path to come back home without any reason. He does everything for muay thai fans and boxing circle. When Songchai returned to the stage, the atmosphere was lively as same as boxing ring and muay thai fans in Thailand can watch Wansongchai  again and every muay thai trianing camps are happy . Nothing more than this" Sommai said.

W.sangprapai is the big muay thai camp and it is confidential . Because every boxers from this camp have strong muay thai trianing course .

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