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"Jit" change the Thai boxing stage in Thailand for muay thai camps  .  @ 2013-08-03

Noi Muangnon, public relations of Muay Jit Muangnon stadium at Nonthaburi in Thailand reveals that a manager Jit Muangnon orders the officer to change the muay t hai stadium for dampert more muay thai fans and muay thai camps. Muay thai fans do not worry about the capacity of stadium.  Then muay thai camps just take care the muay thai training of their boxers .

This stadium can accommodate and make a comfortable for muay thai fans at 30th August  . The fans of muay thai training camps will not disappointed.

"We've improved the area and move to a better boxing ring that has more capacity for muay thai fans. Everything is ready. Muay thai fans from Thailand can relax and comfortable to watch a battle. We can service all muay thai fans and camps. Jit Muangnon ready to improve everything for muay thai fans" Noi Muangnon reveals to Suwit muay thai .

For Dao Rung War Jitmuangnon at 30th August  is broadcast via satellite PSI Channel 119 and 174. This battle is a cooperation of Samad Payakarun and "Jomjumpit" Sandteannaoi S.rungrod held Samad War. They collect many top boxers from many muay thai camps from Thailand in this program. The major battle is Chorfah T.sangtean fight Lerdpetch Pitakpapladeang muay thai training camp, the second battle is Daoprakai N.sripung muay thai camp fight Yazun Alex, Jarernporn Tobteeratam muay thai camp fight Perch VGO from Wheel Max, Jarenpon Tobteeratam Camp beat Dabkaiyasit S.chokchai. The battle is open by the fight of Insrideang Pobteeratam and Chondane P.puchao, Dmax fight with Petchnamklam S.sirilak.

Chalermpong was sick ; Prai had run his role replacing of him.
On 6.30 p.m.  at the meeting room of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium , Prai Panyalak , the committee of Rachadamnern boxing stadium m had run his role as the president of this executives and promoters meeting replacing of Chalermpong Chiaosakul or the directing manager of the Thai boxing stadium who was sick and was unable to come for this meeting.
The promoters attended to the meeting fully.
For this executives and promoters meeting at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium , there were the promoters who attended in this meeting along the rain falling and traffic jam fully as the past times with their happy faces because of more programs to set up for them.

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