Petchchadchai Chaoraiaoi Muay Thai Camp prove Kengkla by
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Petchchadchai Chaoraiaoi Muay Thai Camp prove Kengkla . @ 2013-09-17

Chun Kiattipetch invite muay thai fans help to prove a boxer's form, Petchchadchai Chaoraiaoi muay thai camp who is the boxer star on Tournament boxing channel 3 with his good wok and impress muay thai fans all the country. They will see the strong of Petchchadchai in the big fight of Lumpini Champion on Friday 20 September with Kengkla S.chokchaikit muay thai training camp that he will pass or not.
Petchchadchai Chaoraiaoi, the star boxer of Tournament Thai boxing channel 3 from Jao Muay Thai show his form that impress the muay thai fans and get a victory form Muay Siam 2 times and receive ten thousand money A promoter see Petchchadchai is an entertain boxer for muay thai fans so he send him to fight in Lumpini Champion Kreg Krai with Kengkla S.chokchaikit muay thai training camp to prove himself to muay thai fans. This is a fresh fight that very matches. If Petchchadchai show his good form and win in this fight, he will have a lot of fight in 115-117 pounds that prepare to make him have a reputation in the future.
Lumpini Champion Kreg Krai of a quality promotor, Chun Kiattipetch is full of the top boxer from many camps are wait for muay thai fans follow. Wanchalerm want to fight with Yodwicha again to revenge. The fight of Sakeddao and Peneak is the first fight for Bangkok muay thai fans. Yokpetch fight with Wanchalong, Ponkrit fight with Nenugpeb, France boxer Damien fight to save his champion's belt with Fanmongkpl, Rungpetch W.rungniran fight with Rungniran Chicken Five Star Gym (the loser in this fight may change his name), the first fight is Seokim from Meoungjand fight with the Lumpini champion Mondam S.weerapon. Penthai fight with Yangtone and the final fight is Chaisiri save his champion's belt with Petchmanee, I think muay thai fans from Thailand should not miss this fight.

Kengkla don't have the good result of his fight in this few months , because he don't train in S.chokchaikit camp . Then his new camp don't have the good trainer to teach his as the old gym . .

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