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"Tang" admire about the muay thai fight list@ 2014-01-30

             Mr.Tang revealed that he admires to set Pakron - Petchbunchu to fight in Petchpiya War welcome New Year 2557. His form is very strong and hard to predict. This fight will have a big gamble.
The very great of Mr.Tang, Piyarat Wachirattanawong said the top boxer of this era to fight in Petchpiya War on Tuesday 4 February especially the important match between Pakorn P.K. Sandchai Muay Thai Gym, the last good boxer of Sports Authority of Thailand fight with Petchbunchu Borplabunchu muay thai camp , degree championship nine belts which have a good forms as well as.
For the latest progress, the journalists have been revealed by Mr.Tang, a hot promoter said to thanks for the kindness of the promoters Songchai Rattanasuban to give the important match in this fight whether Pakorn, Pajanchai. Thanachai. He was very happy to set this boxer fight list and Mr.Tang also revel to the fight of Pakorn and Petchbunchu that this is the interest fight. Boxing fans pay an attention in this match very much.
"I was admire this is the interest fight and I want to see too. This fight is hard to predict who will be the winner because everything is very equal. I am sure muay thai fans will gamble and not to miss because all fighters are come from good muay thai camps in Thailand ". Mr.Tang revealed with confident. This fight is including Yodwicha - Chameoungthong, Petchpanomrung - Nongo, SamA - Kwankao, Singdam - Kongsak, Datnarong - Yodtuanthong, Prajanchai - Mondam. Superlek -Thanonchai.

Muay Thai camps are generally in common, sometimes went to parts of the country or in the heart of the urban ranges of Bangkok and Chaing Mai. They are substantially more specific with respect to expecting a remote trainee, yet on the off chance that you are recognized, planning at a Thai camp will accommodate you an authoritative Thai experience. English will be vain; despite etching your body into a weapon you will be urged to make your Thai dialect capabilities and search for methodologies to platform the natural social and etymological fissure to structure family relationships.

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