Somrak Kamsing muay thai camp" ready to fight in new Limpini boxing ring at Ramintra by & news
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"Somrak Kamsing muay thai camp" ready to fight in new Limpini boxing ring at Ramintra @ 2014-02-24

             Somrak Kamsing muay thai camp reveal to fight on the opening new Lumpini Thai Boxing stadium day but he need to see the queue to fight in China with kung fu boxer because he has been signed the contact 10 match in this February month but did not know the fight day, If it have the same day he will not fight at Lumpini.

              Somrak Kamsing muay thai camp or Pimaralek Aran creates many phenomenons to boxing especially the old boxing with Mr.Yof-Wanpadet Suwanwijid and Jomhod Kiatadisak at Lumpini and Radcahdamneon. He use to breakdown the boxing ring. Lumpini Thai Boxing stadium will move to Ramintra on 28 Feburary 2557 by delegates to Mr.Nao - Wirat Wachirattanawong to set the fighting. He wants to send Somrak fight in this match too.

              Somrak Kamsing reveals to Muay Siam reporter that he please to fight in the honor of the opening match of Lumbini. However, he have the program to fight with kang fu boxer at china in February because he has been signed contact but did not know the fight day, He said in February. If the time is match, He will join to fight at Lumpini too.

              "I will see the time to fight at China because the China promotor not clearly defines so I cannot accede to fight in this match and wait for confirmation before. Also I admit now that my body is not good because the injury from Thai boxer so I will consider it together and wait the confirmed from China before. If the time is not ok, I will not fight at Lumpini" Somrak said.

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