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"Gaotam" ready to be a well-know Muay Thai fighter in Thailand @ 2014-04-06

             Gaotam Lukprabat Muay Thai camp annouce to born and get the greatness again after he stop to fight in Muay Krung for several months. He is very fit over 100% in this fight and wish to win Aludlek Kiattijarernchai. He asks boxing fans that cheer and encourage him will not disappoint. This pair will fight in the important match of Sangmorakot on 25 April at Lumbini Muay Thai stdium, RamInTra.
In the past, he use to be 118 pound heavyweight championship at Lumpini Muay Thai stadium before his legs hurt and need to heal it in a long time. The latest fight at Lumpini Muay Thai stadium on 20 Dec 2013 , he loses to Rungpetch Kiattijarernchai Muay Thai training camp and have a fight again on Friday 25th April in Sangmorakot with Aludlek Kiattijarernchai as the important match. Gaotam reveal through Muay Siam reporter that "I focus on exercise very hard and wish to come back to born in Thailand. I was training for this fight a long time. When I finish fight with Rungpetch, I come back to training immediately because I intend to get the greatness again and use Aludlek as a registrar. I ask boxing fans to cheer and follow me. You will not disappoint" Gaotam Lukprabat said.

 This Muay Thai arranging undertaking is for Muay Thai rivalry competition in Thailand. This undertaking was utilized to arrange Muay Thai national encasing the World Muay Thai boxing rivalry which is a 6 weeks program. The trainee must set up 6 days for reliably from Monday to Saturday. Muay Thai get prepared is not the same as unique sorts of preoccupation. The trainee still need a control and arrange for the most part with a strict and authentic wander. The trainee need to listen to what his mentor say.

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