Shell made "Monkao Janmanee Muay Thai training camp " be defeated in Thailand by & news
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Shell made "Monkao Janmanee Muay Thai training camp " be defeated in Thailand @ 2014-04-30

             The important match for 2 Muay Thai camps in Thailand on Saturday 3rd May , Champion of Fugtean Muay Thai Tournament, Chujarern Dabransarkam will fight with Monkao Janmanee Muay Thai training camp. Unfortunately, Mr.Sayan Janmanee sad Monkao was cut by shell in his foot so he cannot fight with Chujaren. Thus, Singkasem Banponlameoungdee sends number three vice Champion, Poneak U.Puwananaipon to fight instead.

              A rival of Champion of Tournament boxing Fugtean, Chujarern Dabransarkam, Monkao Janmanee Muay Thai training camp is defeated. Mr.Sayan Janmanee said Monkao prepare himself to fight but the few days ago he walk on the shell and have deep wounds that cannot fight. Thus, we will delay this fight.

              Jao Muay Thai staffs in this Saturday, Singkasem Banponlameoungdee seek other boxer who is a number three vice Champion, Poneak U.Puwananaipon who wins TKO Harnnatee Kiattichaijaren at the third round. When compared form boxing style is not different. They never fight to each other because he is in the different lines. Poneak training for his fight so he is the perfect match and we want him to show his strongly fight in weight 134 pounds. I am agreeing that Chujaren fight with Poneak in the important Muay Thai match of Thailand in this Saturday. The secondary match is Yodmongkol fight with Petchsiam, Plagad P.Peenapad Muay Thai camp fight with Yodzuzan S.Choknitta Camp , Nejern Lukjaomasaiwary Muay Thai training camp fight with Petchpandet S.Wakkarad or Pandeang.      

Muay Thai is a fight sport from the Muay confrontational procedure of Thailand that uses stand-up hitting nearby distinctive securing strategies. Muay Thai is otherwise called the "Investigation of Eight Limbs" or the "Specialty of Eight Limbs", in light of the fact that it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, subsequently using eight "reasons of contact", instead of "two centers" (grip hands) in boxing and "four centers" (hands and feet) used as a piece of other more controlled fight amusements, for instance, kickboxing and savate.
Muay Thai is more than a game and it is a lifestyle, a society, and a lifestyle. The principle saying of Muay thai boxing is to bring learners not just news and results from the latest occasions overall however everything learner need to keep on feeding their enthusiasm for the best battle brandish on the planet.

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