Pakorn have a long queue to fight in French @ news : 2014-07-11
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Pakorn have a long queue to fight in French@ 2014-07-11

            The great boxer of this era, Pakorn P.K. Sandchai Muay Thai Gym come to fight at Monaco, France again on 14 July with Aoskun Yaskin, a Dangerous boxer of French instead of Sandchai in the big match by Bueakao leading the number one team and Eakrit, the boxing world championship.

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              The great boxer of this era, Pakorn P.K. Sandchai Muay Thai Gym finish the mission to fight in a special boxing set 3 rounds on Friday, 6 June at the Macau by win the point George Ingram Gym, Brazil boxer and back to training camp 13 Coins. He have the foreign again in the big match at Monaco, France, World Boxing Council  n 14 July with Aoskun Yaskin, the strong boxer in French who use to fight with many Thai boxers especially with Rungrawee Sasriprapa Gym and knockout Pornsanay Monchai which is a tough fight. "I fight replaced Sandchai who back from Macau and start to training. He cannot relax and must to training because he has to fight at French. He knew very well that his rival is a great boxer and win Rungrawee and Pornsanay so Sandchai needs to focus and will not disappointed Muay Thai fans" Pakorn said.

              This is a big match; the important match is Bueakao Banchamek with Kulibery (French), Pakorn with Yaskin, the number one of top king boxer with Abdella Mabel, Eakrit U. Bangkok Thonbury compete for the championship of  World Boxing Council in 140-pound with Dylan San Salvador (French), Johann Lidon, the big boxer of French with Alex Harris.

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