Mr. Ood delighted Sandsatan champion of Muay Thai in Thailand. @ news : 2014-07-22
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Mr. Ood delighted Sandsatan champion of Muay Thai Thailand. @ 2014-07-22

            Mr. Ood S.suradet Muay Thai camp delight that his beloved pupil, Sandsatan S.suradet who win Chameungthong S.yupinda and get 140 pounds championship of two institutions is refer as a priceless birthday gift to show the gratefully appreciate for Chen Meoungchon who is the "Suppoter". He asks to fight with Petchbunchu F.A. Group and Yodwicha P.bunsit in the weight 137 to 140 pounds any time in Thailand .

              Sandsatan S.Suradet Muay Thai camp from Thailand , the outsider who is under the control of "the supporter" Chen Meoundchon, the owner of "Praianan War" collaborate with Petchyindee of "Mr.Nao",his close friend, Wirat Wachirattanawong before Chen Meoundchon play a role as a supporter again by push Sandsatan S.Suradet win Chameungthong S.yupinda and get 140 pounds championship of two institutions in both Lumpini stadium and Thailand , read at Bestmuaythai@2014-07-11. Mr. Ood S.suradet us delight because he never dreamed that Sandsatan will get the championship due to everyone see him as a plain boxer but Mr. Ood reasserted in making quality boxing that Muay Thai fans in Thailand can feel and get two championship belt as a the most precious birthday gift because it is the most of favorite gift for Muay Thai life. There is no gift more valuable than it. Furthermore, he want the next fight of Sandsatan will fight with Chen Meoungchon because he support him in the beginning but actually he want the rival is Petchbunchu and Yodwicha.

              "First of all, I have to thanks Meoungchon who push Sandsatan to be a champion. I am not surprise when he comes to prostrate oneself because Chen never left us and also made have the reputation and get the championship. In the next fight he want to fight with Petchbunchu 137 per 139 pounds. If he can win, he wants to fight with Yodwicha in 137 per 140 pounds and protect his champion position in two fights. This consider as a strange match. I was impressed instance of Chain and thanked "Mr. Nao" that provides us with that opportunity" Mr. Ood said.

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