Pitakpaphadeng camp is hot with nonstop : 2014-08-25
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"Pitakpaphadeng" Is hot with nonstop   @ 2014-08-25

            Pitakpaphadeng Muay Thai camp leads the parade team to get the victory continual. Tee Suwan focus on quality training before send to the boxing stadium and provoke to look after Granpeenoi and Sarawut Pitakpaphadeng to get his reputation on the boxing stadium.
Camp Pitakpaphadeng was moving to the new camp on Krungthong, Soi Saimai 33 almost one year until everything into the place and affect to the boxers including friends who training at here get the victory. It’s make Tee Suwan, a head of gym was happy and confirms the boxers is in the good form and tries to training without warning. But I will take care closely and confirm that if any boxer is not perfect or not training, he will not let him fight on the boxing stadium.
"Now, the boxers in gym is in the good form such as Sarawut Pitakpaphadeng win Daotep at LumPiNi with Granpeenoi Pitakpaphadeng win Saksuriya C.kolyuha Izuzu which I think two of them will come back to the top boxer again while the other win continual, Vinailek Pong electricity authority win Tsunamu P.Chaiwat at channel 7. Before that, Chanasuek Lukkantorn win Mafiadam T.pranthaksin and the gym have two great boxers for look after that Mekpayak Pitakpaphadeng and Daoprasuk Sport Center and we can risk with Mahesak Pitakpaphadeng who will fight in Pun Suea Tournament boxing. I think he will not loss" Tee suwan said with rapturous.

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