"Saksid" have a chance to get the tickets : 2014-10-15
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"Saksid" have a chance to get the tickets  @ 2014-10-15

            Namkabuan Rachapruck cafe boasting Sak Lukjaomaesaithong stll have a chance to enter the tournament boxing of CP Meji millions later show a good form by win Petchtae Petchyindee Academy in Muay Thai on Sunday 12 October 2557 on Rangsit Muay Thai stadium.

              Unfortunately, after loss to Kwanpetch S.suwanpakdee, Saksid Lukjaomaesaithong has a little chance in two last matches for enter the semi-finals round of CP Meji millions. Now, Saksid get a beautiful victory by win Petchtae Petchyindee Academy and have a chance to fight with Choknamchai Jakung in the last match. Namkabuan Rachapruck cafe, the head of Saksid revel that he believes Saksid can enter the semi-finals round of CP Meji millions although they still have one program to fight with Chocknamchai Jakung.

              "Now, we fight two match, lost one time and win one time so we have a chance in the last fight with Choknamchai. However, I still believe and confidence in my pupil that he can win in the last match although this is a hard work but everything can happen. He can win Petchtae so he has nothing to fear. I ask boxing fans to cheer Saksid and you will not disappointed" Namkabuan said.

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