"Saksid" have a chance to get the tickets : 2014-11-15
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Superstar Thai Boxers will compete in Muay Thai Celebration for the King’s Birthday  @ 2014-11-15

            Mauythai Celebration for the King’s Birthday will be the most glorious occasion, both of light and sound and competitor such as Eak-Pracha Menayothin Singmanee Keawsamrit “Kodmauysarakam” Seanchai P.K. Seanchaimuaythai gym and Konsauymauysiam “Nong Peach” Phoorahong Sitjahdeang. This program will broadcast live on Siam sport Live and Channel 7.
The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand committee, Somchart Chareonwatcharawit will arrange Mauythai Celebration for the King’s Birthday in December 4, 2014 and the venue is now in progress.
Light and Sound arrange by Top King World Series Team. List of boxer, Sri-meung Sing Suan Ngun compete with Lek Phuket. Including a lot of famous boxers from Thailand .
The important match is Eak-pracha Menayothin VS Enrico Clay from Germany who will compete the K-1 championship with Bua-Kao on Saturday 11 October. Singmanee Kaew-samrit Muay Thai camp and George Ingram gym form China against championship with Uma Saybatae (Uganda). “Nong Peach” Phoo-rahong Sit-jahdaeng Khonsuaymuaysiam VS Poland Boxer, “Kodmuaysiam” Seanchai P.K. Seanchaimuay gym also join this competition This program will broadcast live on Siam sport Live (20.30-22.30) and Channel 7(23.00 – 01.00) .

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