Saenchai - Lose weight 11 pounds in 3 days : 2014-12-09
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“Saenchai” said it’s easy. Lose weight 11 pounds in 3 days @ 2014-12-09

            Secondary Fight in Suk Petchviset+Wanmitchai, when will arrange on Thursday 25 December at Ratchadumneun Muay Thai stadium. The contestant is Kod muaysarakam – Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym will meet Petchmorrakod Vor.Sunkprapai. Saenchai is working hard in final bend for celebration his birthday. He confirms the weight 129 pounds even up to date it still over 11 pounds. If he cannot lose weight, he won’t take the special reward 50,000 THB .
And Somrak Kamsing (Olympic Hero) guarantees about Fahseethong Tor.Thepsuthin is really fit. He ready for compete with TrakoolPetch Sor. Sommai with 400,000 THB bet, moreover he has already beat him.
Up to date, Sukpetchviset+Wanmitchai, competition for birthday celebration 2 promoter (NongBoat Nattadej Wachiraratwong and Mirt Nacorn- Sumate Suesatbongkot) will be on Thursday 25 December at Ratchadumneun Muay Thai Stadium.

Kod muaysarakam – Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym told he is ready for match with Petchmorrakot Vor.Sunkprapai weight 129-131 pounds. He never get this weight for 4 years, however he told he body is complete. He has no any problem. He confident in his ability although he must lose his weight around 11 pounds. He wishes his fan believe in him. But He won’t slight his competitor.
Saenchai wishes his fan believe in him. He must get the weight 129 pounds. Especially the total prize is 170 thousand THB (performing fee is 120 thousand THB + weight fee is 50 thousand THB) It’s a highest prize for boxer. I surely I can lose weight because normally I am always overweight. I need money. If I cannot lose my weight I won’t accept the weight fee prize.
I confess I might be weak at the end of this match because he must lose his weight to 129 pounds. But he confirms he can do it. Recently he competed with foreigner in 3 rounds and no need to lose weight.
But this fight he must fight in 5 rounds with younger boxer and he has big body however, he will do his best.
He though he can beat his opponent because he has more experience than him. It depends on his strength.
Somrak Kamsing confirms Fahseethong is excellent, his boxer who will fight with Trakualpetch Sor.Sommai for 400 thousand THB bet. This fight will be the opening fight in this program. Somrak said Fahseethong practices more than 20 days. And he’s already beat his competitor. He thinks his boxer has more experience, he must be winner. He wants his fan bet his boxer.
Last fight Fahseethong beat Trakulpetch even his physical condition was not good. But this fight his boxer has good physical condition and his form is getting better. He supposes his boxer should be the winner. Fahseethong has so good boxing skills. I already discuss with organizer, Fahseethong will get special bonus. If he lost the performing fee will separate 50-50, if he can defeat the competitor he will suddenly get all of performing fee, which is more than 100 thousand THB.

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