The fight of Somark and Yodonephadet : 2015-03-15
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Another Promoter might make the list of Somrak and The Lietunent Yod to gain 1 million baht and 500000 baht. @ 2015-03-15

            The Lieutenant Yod or the commander Yodonephadet Suwanwichit has accepted to have more disadvantages than Somrak Khamsing or the gold medal Olympic. Thus, he has seen that it should increase for him to apply elbows due to the non-suitability. Then, he would like Mit Nakorn to clear this problem by adjusting the regulation , but this couple boxer might be the historic one to be cheered up by the Muay Thai fans much. Thus, he is ready to fight , so if Mit Nakorn can’t make the list of him and Somrak to fight , any interested promoter can make the list of him and Somrak to fight with gaining 1 million baht for Somrak and him for 500000 baht.
Now, it should predict whether to have this match between The Lietenant Yod or the commander Yodonephadet Suwanwichit or the former champion at the former promoter of Suek Yodonephadet at Rachadamnern boxing stadium and Somrak Khamsing or Pimaranlek Sitaran or the first gold medal Olympic after the Lieutenant Yod has knocked the lawyer Toi Imminent Air to grasp 3.5 million baht at Lumphinee boxing stadium.

However, for the regulations to fight between The Lieutenant Yod and Somrak Khamsing Mit Nakorn would like Somrak to use only his fist in contrast to The Lieutenant Yod to use his full strategies of Thai boxing. While Somrak has proposed to increase to use elbows for Yod ; however, lately Yod has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that it seems not to be good in this case , especially to increase his elbows to fight because everyone might not cheer up him or take him for granted. Thus, in this subject Mit Nakorn should clear this program by setup the new regulations obviously.

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