It has opened for Naikhanomtom Club on 7th November in 2015 to register the member : 2015-08-14
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It has opened for Naikhanomtom Club on 7th November in 2015 to register the member.  @ 2015-08-14          

Samat Phayakarun or the head of the club with the director manager of the 3th meeting has participated with the Occupational Sports Club to benefit for the society of boxing circle and the member of the club. Then, it has begun with earn incomes to the club by competing the boxing program at Pranakornsriayutaya province. Besides, it has assigned work for Lamtrai Sittibunlert or the central vice head to take care and coordinate for setting the program. While it can determine the time by setup the boxing program at Bangkok in order to talk with the promoter and the supporter as well as preparing to produce the club clothes for selling. In addition, it should open the club of Khanomtom formally on this 7th November in 2015 at 13 coins at Rama IX by registering the member and setup the party with 200 pieces of the prizes to give out for the member.

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On 26th July in 2015 , Luaklankhanomtom club has made the 3rd meeting at Phobtheeratham boxing camp at Saimai of 10 a.m. Then, Samat Phayakarun or the head of the club including of Lamtrai Sittibunlert or the second central head , Phudphadnoi Worawut or the North East second head , Raklek Chutinawee or the second of Bangkok , Chareonthong Kertbanchong or the second of the south , Chana Chaingen Faiphatikhom , Waifai Phraphatmotor , Phannoi Sakornphitak , Lamsing Pramchai , Khaophong Sittichuchi , Phalannoi Kertanan , Phrabphiphob Luakkhlongtan , Phareahatlek Sitchumthong , Phayapnoi S. Phanikul , Desellek Ch. Thanasukarn and Kongsamut S. Thanikul or the committee of the meeting have participated with the Thai Occupational boxing club. Then, Somchat Chareonwatcharawit or the head of Occupational boxing Club has done the activity and assisted to the boxing circle though the club hasn’t registered to Saimai District. Consequently, it has prepared to support Luaklannoikhanomtom.
Therefore, Tawee Ampornmaha or Khwaophong Sittichuchai or the committee has cooperated with the head Somchat Chareonwacharawit through Occupational Sport Club by doing the activities together and making the benefits to the member of the club.
In addition, Luaklanknaikhanomtom is the correct registered one in the future with the aim to earn incomes to the club for being the budget to help the sick or dead members. Thus, the first activity is to setup the special boxing program at Pranakornsriayuthaya with Lamtrai Sittibunlet to be the vice president of central to setup the festival with the assistance of adults and the supporters of Ayutthaya province. Thereby, it should look for the preparedness and the suitability further with the next program to setup the boxing program at Bangkok. Currently, there are several of the promoters to feel interested in and would like to help them by using the boxing stadium to compete and talk with each other precisely as well as making the club clothes to sell for earn incomes too.
While Samat Phayakarun or the head of the club has said about the readiness and the time to register the member for both of the old and the new ones including of the relevant one of the boxing circle. Then, on this 7th November in 2015 13 coin shop at Rama IX it has setup the activities and registered for the member formally with the party and give out the prize for the guests or the members too. Consequently, on that day it has prepared for 200 pieces including of the appliances and others to draw a lot with more than 500 guests and several welfares. Therefore, it will have the next meeting of the club setup on this 23rd August in 2013 at Muai Phobtheeratham since 10.00 a.m.
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