The best Muay Thai moves : 2015-12-06
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The best Muay Thai moves.  @ 2015-12-06

There are many reasons why Muay Thai has become one of the most useful and powerful martial art forms in the world. There are thousands of athletes, fighters and fitness instructors who are using this martial art to get their bodies in the best possible shape while also learning some useful and powerful techniques to be able to defend themselves in case they ever needed to do that.

Muay Thai

This is the main reason why such a large number of people have even decide to travel to Thailand to learn Muay Thai and get into training camps that change their lives forever. The popularity on this martial art has grown so much that there are now many regular people who train in Muay Thai for self-defense, but mainly because they see the incredible results that it has on their appearance and that is the thing that makes it most powerful and useful.
There are many basic moves in Muay Thai that have elements of boxing in them and this is the main reasons why a large number of people prefer to be able to train in this particular martial art when possible. It provides great skills for people to be able to defend themselves with jabs, hooks, cross punches and uppercuts.
Then you have fancier punching moves such as the spinning back fist and the Superman punch, which have been very efficient in combat situations for Muay Thai fighters as well as mixed martial artists.
Another important aspect of Muay Thai techniques is the use of kicks. The body kick is the most used in Muay Thai matches and it will usually be targeted to the ribcage of the opponent. Then you have the low kick, with is main to weaken the inner and outer thighs. These can be very painful and they can make any fighter lose balance and speed after a few good shots are landed. Another common kick is the head kick, which is done in a fashion that is similar to the body kick, but it will cause a knockout in most cases if landed properly.
Finally you have the clinch moves and the Muay Thai clinch has become quote popular all over the world because millions of people have been able to win fights with it. The most common clinch involves grabbing the opponent by the back of the head and then lowering the head to hit them with the knees.
Then you have the use of the elbows and knees, which are both known to be some of the deadliest techniques in Muay Thai because the knees and the elbows are extremely hard parts of the body and getting hit with them can be extremely damaging to an opponent.
This is the main reason why it has grown globally to the point in which it has become such a powerful and extremely valuable martial art that millions of people are getting to know much better.
There are many people who travel to a training camp in Thailand and they spend a few weeks there to get incredible results, many of these people are coming out of that training looking like completely different individuals and that is the main reason why Muay Thai has grown so much in the last few decades. This is the most amazing way to shape your body and get strong and toned.
Nothing can be more amazing than being able to travel to Thailand to go to a training camp and then relaxing by one of the many beautiful beaches that the country has to offer.
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