Muay Thai and its techniques : 2016-02-07
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Muay Thai and its techniques   @ 2016-02-07

Thailand is a land of many exquisite activities. It is a world tourist beach destination. Many people travel to Thailand every year to enjoy, relax and rejuvenate themselves. The sun kissed white sand beaches and the tropical blue waters make sure that you are awe struck each time you visit Thailand. The marine life of Thailand makes you see and experience it up close and personal. Not only this, but Thailand has activities lined up for all age groups. Thailand is also famous for sports. It has a list of sports activities that are played in the country. One such sport is Muay Thai. It was originated in Thailand itself and is now a renowned international sport.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat martial arts sport also known as the art of eight limbs. It uses the hands, the feet, the elbows and the knees and is a violent sport. The players need to be physically and mentally fit to play the sport. The physical strength helps in attacking and defending the attack and the mental strength helps in knowing when the attack will take place. The people of Thailand are very passionate about the sport and never miss any match. They are so much into it that they wish to learn the techniques of Muay Thai. Keeping this in mind there are many training camps being opened with state of the art facilities.

However these camps do not have the ambience and the atmosphere that is offered by the Thailand training camps. Therefore the camps in Thailand are more popular than any other training centres in the world. Muay Thai is very good for health and fitness. Therefore it is famous among women as well. It knows how to keep the aspirant on their toes and lose the extra weight. This is one of the main reasons for women to join Muay Thai.

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