True facts about Muay Thai : 2017-01-19
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True facts about Muay Thai @ 2017-01-19

The word Muay has been derived from the Sanskrit word Mavya implying bind together. The cultural martial art of Thailand is Muay Thai. Also, Muay Thai is referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs. The most interesting fact is that the King of Thailand is an avid fan of Muay Thai. Muay Thai was developed several hundreds of years ago in the form of close-combat that utilizes the body in the form of a weapon.

Muay Thai

Presently, modern researchers debated on the origins of Muay Thai. During a training, self-defense, sport and martial arts are taught to the learners. Also, various camps are conducted wherein stand up striking is given along with various clinching techniques. If you are really interested in learning Muay Thai, you need to learn its roots, tradition, and the language. While going for Muay Thai, you make use of punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes. Many players have learnt Muay Thai and considers it as one of the set of training methods and philosophy.

The art of Muay Thai includes just not the effective and strategic aspects of fighting. In the Muay Thai training not only the most effective and strategic aspects of fighting are included, but also philosophical, cultural, and spiritual depth are considered. In this sport, you have the abilities to inculcate many skills such as:
• Practical skills: Meant for self-defense
• Artistic skills: Meant for self-expression
• Mental skills: Meant for self-development
• Warrior skills: Meant for self-determination

During holidays, you can practice and learn it. Self-learning will help you to save money and you do not need to attend camp. Young men and women are trained at various training centers throughout the country and devote themselves to learn hand-to-hand combat. This martial art was developed several hundreds of years ago in the form of close-combat utilizing the body as a weapon.

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