Top Five Etiquettes to follow as a Muay Thai fighter : 2018-05-12
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Top Five Etiquettes to follow as a Muay Thai fighter @ 2018-05-12

Most of the time, we face some not-so-expected behaviours and reactions in a Muay Thai camp. It makes us feel embarrassed. That's because most people don't have the knowledge about common etiquettes those need to be followed at the gym. Though the list can be long, here are the top five ones that you should always consider to follow at any cost.

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Be responsible for the cleaning:
If you are using gym apparatus, then be responsible for its cleaning as well. Use fresh hand always wraps as they will soak most of your sweat. Talking about cleanliness, it is also required to maintain personal hygiene. Keep yourself odour free and cut your nails to prevent putting cut marks on your partner during the practice.
Be punctual:
Muay Thai is all about discipline and being punctual is the first step towards it. Most people have this tendency to hit the gym late, and they expect their trainer to accommodate them. This is complete indecency. Instead, be present 10 minutes before class beginning, it will create the best image of you.
Stay home when sick:
If you’re feeling weak inside then probably, you won’t be able to learn that well. It will be a waste of time for you and your trainer. Also, your virus may spread to others as normal ones like cold, cough, flu and fever are transferable. So, it’s better to improve health conditions at home.
Don’t ruin the privacy:
Learners want to make the most out of their every Muay Thai session. Simply engaging on gossips will eat your and your partner's time. So, it's common etiquette to mind your own lessons rather peeping into others. It may make them uncomfortable sometimes.
Be Respectful:
When you start giving values to others inside the training session, others start to show the same towards you. As respect goes both ways, you will receive a helping hand from others as well. & muay thai worlds 

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