Phuket island information and Map of muay thai camp
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Phuket information and Map of muay thai camp :

Phuket, a large island in the Indian Ocean, is 867 kms. from Bangkok. It is the only island having provincial status, and was a regional headquarters as well, with a rich and colorful history.

Known as the Pearl of the Andaman, it derived much of its former glory and its enormous wealth from tin production, which in Phuket dates back over 500 year. Today, Phuket is the major tourist attraction of Thailand and Phuket is good place to train muay thai .

The surrounding waters contain much varied marine life, and the town is notable for its Sino-Portuguese architecture.
It is a very attractive island for sightseeing, with lovely seashores and forested hillsides.
Its population of 1.6 million people ranks sixth among all provinces.
Approximately 1.75 million Rai of the area is forest land. The main occupation here is rice farming. The average per capita income is 14,343 Baht.

Some eight degrees north of the Equator, and well below the latitudes of destructive tropical storms, Phuket's balmy tropical climate is tempered by cool northeasterly breezes from November to March, and by fresh on-shore winds in summer months.

Time is + 7 hours ahead of GMT, 1 hour behind Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Andaman Sea, separated from the Bay of Bengal by the Andaman-Nicobar Ridge, is part of the Indian Ocean. Thailand's Andaman coast extends for 870km from the Surin Islands on the northern border with Burma to Tarutao National Park on the southern border with Malaysia. Hundreds of islands are accessible to small craft from Phuket, many of them uninhabited, many of them forested and fringed with spectacular coral reefs. You often won't find even a footprint on the beach.

Phuket is the premier beach holiday destination in Asia attracting around 5-million visitors a year. It is an island of stunning natural beauty with beaches that are world renowned. The numerous beaches and nearby islands provide something for everyone. There is the buzz and nightlife of Patong Beach, the family-friendly fun of Karon and Kata Beaches or you can get away from it all at one of the many quieter beaches.

Phuket has much more to offer than just beaches. The people are warm and friendly, the culture is rich and the food is great. There is fantastic shopping and many beautiful temples. There is a lively nightlife scene and of course we cannot ignore the colourful girly bar scene in Patong. There are also many great activities such as scuba diving, muay thai , snorkeling and water sports.

Photos & Map of Phuket :

phuket photo phuket address Map of Phuket

I will put the map of muay thai camp in Phuket in soon . So you can find how to go train muay thai with us .

In this November , Phuket have many toursit form Russia and China , some tourist want to train muay thai from muay thai camp in Phuket .

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