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Muay Thai Training Programs

1. Running Program and Technique Class
Muay Thai fighters run. Running builds stamina, endurance and cardio conditioning to prepare for a 5-round Muay Thai Fight.
There is no better way to learn effective Muay Thai techniques than getting in the ring with the Muay Thai trainers and learning a variety of techniques. This is not a workout. This is slow and deliberate training of proper technique for beginners to advanced students. After practicing and learning the Muay Thai techniques, you will use those techniques in the ring on pads with trainers, sparring with guests and trainers, ad on the training stations and bags.

Warm-up includes skipping rope, tire bounce, shadow boxing, and stretching, and getting hands wrapped before beginning the morning training session. Proper warm-up is the best way to prevent injury and an important part of the process of training Muay Thai.

3.Muay Thai Training in the ring, on the pads, and on the bags with trainers.
The heart of the training session is part of a weekly focus schedule that concentrates on all the important aspects of learning correct Muay Thai. Guests will spar with trainers and other guests @ 60% power and 85% speed. This is not about showing off or hurting your sparring partner, but understanding the rythem and footwork, head movement, bob-n-weave and other techniques that make for good boxing which is an important part of your overall Muay Thai training.
The other training is C.O.R.E conditioning that concentrates on building good abdominal strength and conditioning. The trainers will use a variety of old-school Muay thai and modern techniques lie medicine ball training, sit-up, crunches, etc to help guests build the six-pack ab muscles that are the trademark of a good Muay Thai fighter.
Depending on which training program you are in, you will be expected to train 3-5 rounds on the Muay Thai pads alone with the trainer. He will make adjustments to your technique if needed, but the focus of the pad work is to keep you moving and prepared for offense and defense.
You will also train together on the bags doing a variety of old-school and modern techniques for training hands, knees, elbows and kicks on the pads. The trainers are active throughout the entire session and will often change the amount of time you train from 3-minute rounds and 1-minute break to 5-minute rounds. If you are preparing for a fight, being able to compete Five-5-minute rounds will better prepare you for a 5-three-minute round fight in the ring.
Be prepared. The trainers are constantly changing aspects of the training to better prepare you and teach you traditional Muay Thai. Expect to train in the Muay Thai Clinch circle and other old-school techniques which have been the staple of training for Muay Thai fighters for centuries. One thing you can ber certain of is that after 3+ hours of training, you will know you have been training hard.

4. Cool Down and stretching
Loosen tightened muscles and help prevent cramps and then head over for a electrolyte drink and protein shake .

You can work at your own pace join in and out as you please with the help of ex champions passing every little bit of detail and noledge gained from yours of experience. A thrill of a life time you want muaythai let it be the world of muaythai at suwit gym.

Boxers & Trainers

Name : Run
Flights : 60
Win : 50
Loose : 2
Draw : 8
KO : 4
Hobbies : Flight
Name : Junk Lub
Flights : 100
Win : 80
Loose : 2
Draw : 4
KO : 30
Hobbies : Motorbike Rides
Name : Lung Tong
Flights :
Win :
Loose :
Draw :
KO :
Hobbies :
Name : Klun Pon Lek
Flights : 37
Win : 28
Loose : 7
Draw : 2
KO : 3
Hobbies : Football


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